Regestered Nurse for 30 years and member of the California Nurses Association, founder of a non-profit organization - United Childrens Network (, author of four non-fiction books, life-long community activist supporting organizations who are concerned with children, education, environmental justice and health care reform. Anna has one son Eric Ketchum, he is and MD who graduated from Standford Medical School.


Anna Nevenic has worked to make sure that women’s health is a top priority and she fought against ideological efforts to curb women’s access to preventive health services that save lives.Prescription drug treatment is a key component of any individual’s health care plan, and Anna Nevenic is committed to increasing access to safe and affordable prescription drugs. It is unacceptable that Americans pay inflated prices for vital medications.

Anna Nevenic is fighting the pharmaceutical companies when they overcharged for prescription drugs, and she will continue these efforts in the Senate to reduce costs for consumers, with the help of California's Nursing Association, and other like minded organizations.

The eductational status quo is not good enough. Goverment sponsored mandatory testing should be eliminated and testing authority given to teachers. Preventing illiteracy and high school dropouts are my highest priorties. We should engage the whole society in this national crusade to end illiteracy.

The present war on drugs has failed. Billions of dollars of tax payers money has been spent in non productive ways- there is a better way! More money for prevention, education, and drug rehabilitation. Prevention works, saves lives, and is cost effective.

Economy must be restarted by investing in alternative energy, job training, improving education and creating internship oppurtunties for our college graduates. Young people are our future, and all efforts should be made to enable them to obtain the well paid jobs in all sectors of our economic system. All this is possible if we give the same attention to all citzens and not just to the wallstreet and the wealthy corporations.