Out of the Shadows is the story of the emergence of the other half of the human race from the darkness by documenting the United States feminist movement spanning more than two centuries. The story of women’s emancipation is also a text for the freeing of the slaves, the labor movement, environmental concerns, civil rights and reproductive choice – all of which affect men as well as women. Thus, this story is a story of the liberation of all mankind.

A somewhat more in-depth overview of the history of the former Yugoslavia. The goal of this section is to illustrate the rich heritage of the southern Slavs. The book talks about the lives of ordinary citizens in post-World War II Yugoslavia under leadership of President Tito. The focus is to show readers that Serbs are just like everyone else – we had families, we cared about the world, we enjoyed the peace of post-war time, and imagined that it would last forever.

A powerful historical analysis of fundamentalism and conservatism in America. This book clearly suggests that the modern fundamentalist movement rose up primarily to counter feminism and re-establish male control in society.

“With much of the corporate media unable or unwilling to do more than skim the surface of the agendas in play, author/activists like Anna Nevenic take on a vital role in getting information into the hands – and minds – of American citizens.” – Steve Brown, The Desert Post Weekly

Must read for parents as it covers everything from early childhood to late pre-adolescence. It also deals with issues like drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and other issues that impact young people’s lives.

“Parenting Made Simple … gives a fresh look to a complex subject. My wife and I would have been much better equipped in parenting skills if this book was available 15 years ago.” – Michael B Kamiel, MD