Campaign Finance Reform

Influence of big money is corrupting our political institutions and destroying the fabric of our society. As long as the undue influence of money rules, significant reforms in all aspects of our lives will never happen. We have to prevent the influence of special interest groups being greater than ordinary citizens. The changes that we seek will only happen if we have a limit on spending from special interest groups. Public financing of elections would be the best solution if we are to create a political and economic system that truly works for all of us.

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In Sacramento, at the rally for Medicare for All.

Our health is our most important asset. Patchwork approaches to healthcare reform are not working. Anna Nevenic has worked to make sure that women’s health is a top priority and she fought against ideological efforts to curb women’s access to preventive health services that save lives. Prescription drug treatment is a key component of any individual’s health care plan, and Anna is committed to increasing access to safe and affordable prescription drugs. It is unacceptable that Americans pay inflated prices for vital medications. Health care for all ensures that health services are appropriate, effective, cost efficient, and focused on consumer needs. Preventative care will play a major role in meeting healthcare needs. Prevention works, costs less, and it saves lives.

Anna Nevenic is fighting the pharmaceutical companies when they overcharged for prescription drugs, and she will continue these efforts in the Senate to reduce costs for consumers, with the help of California’s Nursing Association, and other like-minded organizations.

The educational status quo is not good enough. Government sponsored mandatory testing should be eliminated and testing authority given to teachers. Preventing illiteracy and high school dropouts are my highest priorities. We should engage the whole society in this national crusade to end illiteracy.

The present war on drugs has failed. Billions of dollars of taxpayers money have been spent in nonproductive ways- there is a better way! More money for prevention, education, and drug rehabilitation. Prevention works, it saves lives and is cost-effective.

An economy must be restarted by investing in alternative energy, job training, improving education and creating internship opportunities for our college graduates. Young people are our future, and all efforts should be made to enable them to obtain the well-paid jobs in all sectors of our economic system. All this is possible if we give the same attention to all citizens and not just to the Wallstreet and the wealthy corporations.

As your senator, I will fight for change.  I  want to do what is right for my special interest- the children and families in California.  As a community activist I have always have always been fighting for Democratic values, social and economic justice.  As our political process degrades to nothing more than a competition for money, our education system fails and our healthcare system deteriorated.  As a nurse, community activist and author, I have a plan on how to deliver a more cost effective healthcare system for all citizens and how to provide a better quality education for our children.  If we educate our children today, we can prevent them from becoming criminals, drug users and teen parents.  According a Gallop poll, people trust nurses the most – many citizens have made the commitment to vote for me.


As a nurse, educator, school volunteer and community activist, Anna Nevenic understands the importance of quality education. We must work to insure that every child can achieve their full potential. Our education system must prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Anna will stand up for students and families to ensure that early learning childhood programs in the district receive the funding they need. Anna believes in making college affordable  and  all forms of financial assistance are made available to students. The future of California’s workforce will require better education to provide technical skills and innovative problem solvers. Businesses need employees who are job ready, and well prepared. Currently many children are falling behind.

The solution to educational deficit requires starting early. The highest return to human capital investment is starting early. 90%  of the brain is developed by age 5. Approximately 30% of our children in the district do not attend preschool.


Sustainable economic growth is crucial to the preservation and further enhancement of California’s prosperity, especially for younger generations. Change how we educate and train all workers for the jobs of the future. Invest in sustainable development or renewable energy. Diversify our economy by incentivizing and encouraging hi-tech industry to bring their enterprise into the greater Riverside County and Coachella Valley.

Women’s Issues

We must ensure women receive comparable pay for comparable work, the right of reproductive choice, and healthcare coverage that emphasizes prevention and early intervention. We must provide funding for more affordable childcare centers.

Crime and Drugs

The best way to prevent crime and recidivism is by providing comprehensive and remedial services for juveniles and at-risk youth to prevent them from becoming offenders. It is important to provide all offenders with education and job training. By having counseling and comprehensive student services in schools, juvenile delinquency would be dramatically reduced. Instead of investing more in preventative measures we have increased spending in incarceration. Each dollar of prevention is worth seven dollars of cure. Our policy makers do not understand the power of prevention, instead they wait for problems to happen and then react. Band aid approach is not a workable solution.

Anna Nevenic for State Senate, SD 28 – A Leader You Can Count On